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Our Story If you Dare to Beam, anything is possible

Beam Therapeutics was founded by David R. Liu, Feng Zhang and J. Keith Joung, scientific pioneers in CRISPR gene editing. Bringing together their passion, expertise, and determination to develop lifelong cures for patients suffering from serious diseases.


The History 1952 - 1994

Research and success: 2011-2019

Formation and innovation: 2017-2019

Investment and progress: 2019-Today


Fast-paced, empowering, hybrid and open: we’re proud of our unique culture.

Careers Rise to the Challenge

Could you Dare to Beam? Discover what makes us different and explore life at Beam.

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Cambridge, MA is home to our bio-tech hub, where we constantly innovate and challenge ourselves to break new ground. We are located at: 238 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142.

Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is home to our new manufacturing facility. We are located at: 10 Davis Drive, Durham, North Carolina 27709.