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Scientist, New Opportunities (CNS)

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Beam seeks an experienced scientist to help us advance our New Opportunities programs, including discovering and validating the technical feasibility of novel genomic edits to disease-causing mutations with the ultimate goal of creating new therapeutic programs. The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, technically competent scientist that is energized to join a small, fast-moving team.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Critically evaluate and apply new DNA base editor, RNA editor, or nuclease constructs to prospective disease targets, with an emphasis on neurological disease.
  • Generate model cell lines for novel genetic targets and optimize on-target editing efficiencies.
  • Perform proof-of-concept editing in iPSC-derived, therapeutically-relevant cell types, including glutamatergic and motor neurons.
  • Design and manage the execution of in vivo animal model studies for pharmacology and biodistribution.
  • Design and implement cloning strategies to construct plasmids for the production of mRNA, protein, and recombinant AAV reagents used in editing experiments.
  • Design and execute DNA/RNA purification and quantification assays (NGS, qPCR, ddPCR and RNA-seq).



  • PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology or related discipline.
  • Experience culturing and transfecting common cancer cell lines such as HEK293T and U2OS. Experience culturing iPS cells.
  • Experience with molecular cloning techniques such as Gibson and USER assembly preferred.
  • Experience using emerging technologies such as high-throughput sequencing and droplet digital PCR.
  • Ability to design experiments, analyze data and interpret results independently and within a small, dynamic group of peers.
  • Critical and creative thinking.