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Scientist/Senior Scientist, Lead Discovery and Off-Target Biology

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We are seeking a highly creative and motivated individual to join our team in developing the next generation of gene and cell therapies through precision genome engineering. The successful applicant will have a strong scientific background and proven accomplishments in molecular and cellular biology with a passion for genome editing. As part of the lead discovery and off-target biology group, the candidate will contribute to our ongoing efforts to assess the totality of the genome-modifying potential of our next-generation base editing technology. Candidates should be highly self-motivated with the ability to excel in a fast-moving and goal-oriented environment.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop, design and execute assays to assess the genome-modifying potential of base editors
  • Work with a cross-disciplinary team to identify and test lead candidates for high efficiency and specificity
  • Perform multi-parameter analyses of cells including flow cytometry and other molecular and cellular assays
  • Assist in the microinjection of mouse embryos for validation of base editing technology
  • Support the development of an automated parallel screening platform for identification and validation of lead candidates



  • PhD in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, systems biology or related discipline
  • Demonstrated mastery of next-generation sequencing library preparation
  • Solid experience in cell culture and multi-parametric flow cytometry
  • Experience with gene editing tools and principles and mouse embryo microinjection is preferable but not required
  • Excellent troubleshooting and multi-tasking skills, attention to detail and ability to work independently are required