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Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Gene Editing and Chemical Biology

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We are seeking an innovative, collaborative, and accomplished chemical biologist to support the discovery and optimization of our novel base editors. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience of molecular evolution techniques applied to the engineering and optimization of recombinant protein structures and functions. The candidate should also be comfortable conducting and designing gene editing experiments in mammalian cells.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Use molecular evolution, engineering, and structure-guided approaches to discover, and/or optimize base editor proteins. Examples include but are not limited to:
  • Engineer and/or optimize base editors to recognize specific target DNA sequences
  • Design and conduct evolution campaigns
    • Critically evaluate evolution outcomes and identify and validate positive hits
  • Optimize binding affinity and/or catalytic activity of existing editors
  • Validation and evaluation of candidate base editor’s activity in mammalian cell
  • High-throughput sequencing of mammalian cells treated with new base editor constructs and quantification of base editing efficiency
  • Analyze and process high-throughput sequencing of base editing in mammalian cells and design increased stringency into selection plasmids to select for desired outcomes
  • Carry out gene editing experiments and large screens in mammalian cells
    • Harvest genomic DNA and RNA
    • Prepare samples for deep-sequencing analysis
    • Analyze gene editing outcomes and design and execute downstream experiments
    • Design, clone, and isolate gene editing constructs
  • Communicate scientifically rigorous findings via verbal and written communications, visualizations, and presentations



  • A Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering or equivalent and a minimum of two years of experience in protein engineering or molecular evolution.
  • Experience with gene editing experiments and analysis of data
  • Strong background in molecular cloning
  • Multi-plex sample handling experience is ideal
  • Experience with designing evolution campaigns (e.g. selection plasmid design and construction of large libraries)
  • Experience with CRISPR/Cas9 proteins
  • Strong scientific background and publication record with proven high levels of performance
  • Ability to work independently while also building relationships with colleagues.
  • Ability to adapt to increasing scope and complexity of work.