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Gene Editing Platform Technology

Gene Editing Platform Technologies Co-op

  • Cambridge, MA
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Beam is seeking a passionate and motivated student intern to support our Gene Editing Platform Technologies team in our Co-op program from January through June 2023. The ideal candidate will advance our efforts to develop new gene editing technologies by applying their knowledge and skills in molecular and cell biology and/or biochemistry.


  • Experimentally support projects to characterize, engineer, and optimize new genome editing systems
  • Design and execute in vitro assays to evaluate enzymes for genome editing potential
  • Design and prepare materials (e.g. DNA, RNA) for use in experiments
  • Analyze and interpret data, and keep detailed documentation of experimental steps and results
  • Read and interpret relevant publications, and contribute ideas to advance the project
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to achieve project goals
  • Summarize and communicate findings at team meetings


  • Enrolled in a BS, MS, or PhD program in a related field (biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, cell biology, chemical biology, microbiology, and/or molecular biology)
  • 2+ years of experience with basic molecular biology techniques (DNA vector/primer design, cloning, PCR, gel electrophoresis, in vitro transcription, DNA/RNA purification, cell culture)
  • Familiarity with genome editing and CRISPR technologies is desired, but not required
  • A team player who is curious, motivated to learn, well-organized, and has good communication skills
  • Proficiency in software tools for data analysis and visualization (Excel, GraphPad Prism, PowerPoint)


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