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Our Research Clinical Trials

An important part of the drug development process is recognizing and validating what matters to patients. To understand their needs, we collaborate with clinical experts, patient advocacy organizations, and disease communities to optimize our clinical trial design and the participant experience. We believe that patients, their families, and advocates provide unique and important perspectives on the development of potential new treatments. At Beam Therapeutics, we are bringing these voices into the drug development process.

  • We take a patient-centric approach to the study endpoints in our clinical trials through assessments in the literature and discussions with advocacy groups about what is meaningful to patients

  • We listen to and learn from patients about their disease burden and unmet needs. Patients articulate their experience in a way that no one else can, because they live it day to day

Taking part in a clinical trial

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What is a clinical trial?

  • A clinical trial is a research study that looks at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease
  • Research studies are necessary to learn whether a new treatment is safe and effective

What is informed consent?

  • Informed consent is a process in which trial participants are given information about a trial so that they can decide whether to participate
  • Trial site personnel review the informed consent process with trial participants in detail so that they understand the trial and its possible risks and benefits

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These resources are for information only. Inclusion of these resources does not indicate endorsement by Beam Therapeutics of an organization or its communications. The list is not intended as a comprehensive list of resources, nor are the resources intended to provide medical advice.

Clinical trials at Beam Therapeutics

Once we open enrollment in a clinical trial, information about the trial, including the eligibility criteria, will be posted at so that patients and their doctors can learn whether they are eligible to participate.

Healthcare professionals may also email us at for more information.