Francine Gregoire, Ph.D.

Francine Gregoire, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Head of In Vivo Programs

Dr. Francine Gregoire is the Senior Vice President, Head of In Vivo Programs. Dr. Gregoire has over 20 years of drug discovery experience, covering roles from the early phases of drug discovery to the identification of small molecules, RNA therapeutics, and gene editing clinical candidates.

Prior to joining Beam Therapeutics, Dr. Gregoire led the Liver Therapeutics group at CRISPR Therapeutics, with a focus on non-viral delivery for in vivo gene editing.  Prior to CRISPR, Dr. Gregoire was Head of Cardiovascular and Interim Head of Rare Diseases at Moderna, where she led preclinical scientific teams to discover, validate and nominate RNA therapeutics for clinical development in Cardiovascular and Liver Rare Disease indications.

Dr. Gregoire holds a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the Catholic University of Leuven.