A New Class of Precision Genetic Medicines

Beam is pioneering the use of base editing — a potential new class of precision genetic medicines — with a vision of providing life-long cures to patients suffering from serious diseases.

Rewriting the Genetic Code, One Letter at a Time

The foundational level of our genetic information is a single base in our DNA. A change to a single letter, known as a point mutation, can mean the difference between health and disease. Base editors have the ability to rewrite just a single letter, and thereby intervene at the most foundational level to treat a wide range of diseases. If existing gene editing approaches are like “scissors” that cut the genome, base editors are “pencils” that enable erasing and rewriting one letter of the genome at a time.

The Power of a Single Letter

By using base editors to rewrite a single letter of the genome, Beam has the potential to create life-long cures for patients suffering from serious diseases. Base editors can be used for numerous therapeutic applications to treat disease. They can be used to correct disease-causing point mutations, to modify genes to create protective genetic variations, to activate or silence gene expression,  or “multiplex” by making multiple simultaneous base edits. Using this toolkit of approaches, we are advancing a broad, diversified portfolio of 12 base editing programs against distinct editing targets and diseases.

Meet the Beam Team

Our team and culture are central  to building an organization that we are all proud of and one that will allow us to realize our vision of providing life-long cures for patients suffering from serious diseases. We have attracted a talented team of industry experts and scientists as part of our high performing team. Our depth of expertise in base editing and drug discovery, along with the considerable academic and research expertise of our founders and our exclusive licenses to novel technologies, positions us at the forefront of the field of advanced precision genetic medicines.



We are continuing to build a strong, values-driven organization focused on our people, advancing cutting-edge science, and rigorously developing a new class of precision genetic medicines. Our culture is an essential component to maintaining our competitive long-term advantage.

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