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Our Science The future of gene editing is now

In 2017, Beam Therapeutics was founded by gene editing pioneers with a goal of creating precision genetic medicines with base editing. Beam is a values-driven organization with a vision of delivering lifelong cures to patients suffering from serious diseases. Leveraging base editing technologies developed at Harvard University and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Beam is generating a broad pipeline of investigational precision genetic medicines that have the potential to repair disease-causing point mutations, write in protective genetic variations, or modulate the expression or function of disease-causing genes without creating double-stranded cuts in DNA or RNA.

Our goal is to establish the leading platform for precision genetic medicine with a suite of gene editing and delivery technologies. Our manufacturing facility in North Carolina is under construction and anticipated to be operational in 2023.

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Base Editing

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Beam has a growing portfolio of proprietary gene editing technologies, including base editing, prime editing, nuclease editing, and RNA editing. Our current base editor technology includes a cytosine base editor and an adenine base editor.

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Patients are waiting. They need cures and treatments. We believe we have the team and the technology to help deliver on that.